Heidi S. Arndt CEO

Heidi Arndt started Progeny Human Resource Solutions, a medical and technical recruiting company, after a ten-year sabbatical from the healthcare and insurance industries.

In her current role, she is responsible for providing leadership to Progeny and guiding the company’s direction (including spearheading new projects, active on-boarding of new recruiters, and client development).

As Progeny has expanded, so has its client base.

Progeny has differentiated itself by having a very pro-active relationship with the candidates and an open communication not seen in other organizations.

Heidi is passionate about connecting the right candidate with the right opportunity. For her, this passion creates a winning relationship for all parties that are long-lasting and create solid foundations for future projects.

In her previous roles, Heidi was responsible for putting together one of the first workers’ compensation PPOs (Preferred Provider Organization) in the country. Her responsibilities included writing contracts, recruiting of physicians, hospitals, outpatient surgery centres, and pharmacies. When she turned the network over to staff members for further development, the PPO had grown to over 100,000 physician members and was nationally recognized and subscribed to by over 500 different companies.